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Explanation of the second international conference


Explanation of the second international conference This year, the second international conference of networking of HIV/DDR NGOs of ECO Member Countries.will be held on 17-19 February at Iranian Center of International Community.

The conference organizers are Rebirth Society, United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC), Office of the Regional Program for Afghanistan and neighboring countries, and Iran drug control headquarter.


The aim of this consultative meeting is to technically promote and support the networking of the active NGOs in the field of DDR from ECO member countries.Expected Outcomes:

  • Sharing knowledge and exchange on NGO HIV/DDR action;
  • Sharing knowledge and exchange on successful NGO networking;
  • Consultation on modality and administrative issue of DDR ECO NGO network;
  • Sharing knowledge and side training on: drug prevention, harm reduction, drug treatment and advocacy
  • Amendment and approval of the drafted constitution of the ECO network of DDR NGOs;
  • Identifying the secretariat and the members of board of the establishing network

Brief programme overview

The Consultation will take place in Tehran, Iran hosted by the Rebirth Charity Organisation, UNODC and the Iranian Drug Control Headquarters. Following the opening ceremony, the Consultation shall commence with discussing NGO networking. The consultation will continue with the introduction of the draft constitution.

Four satellite training sessions will take place in day 1 and day 2 on the topics:

In the two morning sessions of the second day the NGOs will have the opportunity to become a better understanding and acquaintance of their activities in their respective countries mutually. For easing this purpose the participating NGOs are called to submit a poster as specified below to be printed out and placed in the consultation venue. The consultation shall resume then with the introduction of existing good practices on DDR NGO networks.

The third day will start with field visit to drug prevention, treatment and harm reduction services with the afternoon sessions dedicated to discussing details and suggestions for amending the draft constitution. Also the NGOs interested to candidate for the membership of the network board will announce their candidacy and elaborate on the programmes upon possible election.

On the last day of the consultation the received suggestions on amending the constitution shall be incorporated and presented to the plenary for final voting and endorsement. The election of the members of board shall take place during the namely sessions. The final session shall wrap-up agreements findings and recommendations and officially closes the consultation.


Two or three active NGOs in the field of DDR from each ECO member country will be invited to participate in this four-day meeting. Also representatives from successful NGO networks will be invited.

Submission of posters:

Participating NGOs are invited to submit a poster in PDF format in A1 size introducing their NGO. It is suggested that the poster displays the following:

  • Look interesting and/or inspiring and lively
  • Is not too abstract;
  • Appear to be clearly explaining the mandate, objective, programmes, projects, activities of the NGO
  • Emphasises past and ongoing action not those yet to start..


Iranian Centre for International Conferences (ICIC); Shahid Aghaii, Shahid Bahonar Ave. Tehran- Iran


The language of the Workshop will be English, Farsi and Russian. Simultaneous translation will be provided in these three languages.

Travel and accommodation:

The ticket costs will be covered by UNODC. Respective UNODC field offices in the region are kindly assisting in obtaining tickets for participants accordingly: UNODC Regional Office Central Asia (ROCA), Country Office Afghanistan, and Country Office Pakistan. For international participants UNODC Iran shall assist in obtaining tickets.

The hotel accommodation shall be booked and paid for by the organisers as are meals and breaks. Besides, organisers will provide airport pick-up from and to the Emam Khomeini International Airport (EKA) to the hotel and back at Tehran. Also Transportation from Hotel to Venue and Vice-versa will be provided by the organisers.

You can download the agenda in English and Russian and the concept note in Russian